Friday, 15 November 2013

Idol-eyes Game Changes

Hello everyone, hope you are well!

I've made a couple of changes to Idol-eyes recently based on a discussion with a colleague, I think it'll actually improve the game. There are spoilers involved as it relates to the ending so, be aware if you are going to play the game.

Originally the games 'true ending' was only possible to acquire after playing through a second time. After speaking with my colleague who is a game designer, we decided the the best course of action would not be to restrict the player in this way. What I find is players usually fit into one of two categories, and I can find myself in either depending on the quality of the game. Some players will play through the game once, and no matter what you do they will not play any further than that. As such, I need to make sure that all the endings a player is able to acquire as satisfying, and as such I don't want to 'block off' a key part of the story just to force the player to play it again for no reason. Originally I guess I thought that making the player do more of the story would increase the longevity of it but after actually thinking about it, the length of the game is not what's important.

Another change I've made is to the stats screen - it will only display on the second playthrough. This will allow players to play through the game naturally the first time without the distraction of knowing their player stats, so this is good for players who will only play through the game once and once alone. The second playthrough will have a stats screen which will enable players to see the influence of their choices and 'aim' for a specific ending the second time, if they are completionists. I think this is the best way to get the most of the game for both audiences. Originally the stats screen was going to be there the whole time but this can be really off-putting for those that play through the game naturally, and for those that want to get all the endings, the first playthrough will still enable you to obtain and ending no matter what so nothing is lost there.

I'm looking into a couple of the other things I've done but... the game is coming along nicely. I'm going to work on it some more this weekend.



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