Sunday, 19 May 2013

S-Rank Visual

Hey everyone!

So, me and my partner Sophie have been considering setting up our own 'company' for a while. We need a name to release our games under and as a result we've been preparing various branding items for our start-up. It's all pretty exciting! 'S-Rank Visual' will be undertaking a brand of its own and I'm pretty excited to present our prototype logo;

Our website is also currently in production, and will host a lot of our updates. This blog will remain for the core development process, however. I've also done a little more work on the Idol-eyes project, including a more final version of the main menu (with WIP buttons and a lack of characters) but it has some basic animation that brings it alive a little.

We also now have the art for Xander, so stay tuned for that! Next up is our lovely Heroine. We also have a new artist, Sam 'Tchuk'  potentially on board, so feel free to check out some of his work.



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