Sunday, 19 May 2013

S-Rank Visual

Hey everyone!

So, me and my partner Sophie have been considering setting up our own 'company' for a while. We need a name to release our games under and as a result we've been preparing various branding items for our start-up. It's all pretty exciting! 'S-Rank Visual' will be undertaking a brand of its own and I'm pretty excited to present our prototype logo;

Our website is also currently in production, and will host a lot of our updates. This blog will remain for the core development process, however. I've also done a little more work on the Idol-eyes project, including a more final version of the main menu (with WIP buttons and a lack of characters) but it has some basic animation that brings it alive a little.

We also now have the art for Xander, so stay tuned for that! Next up is our lovely Heroine. We also have a new artist, Sam 'Tchuk'  potentially on board, so feel free to check out some of his work.



Saturday, 11 May 2013

Idol-eyes Blueprint UI

Hello everyone!

Idol-eyes is currently heading full steam at the moment. The environment art has been outsourced which means that our artists can now fully focus on the sprite creation. Our project has now finished Part 1 of the writing stage with 4 more parts to go; Part 1 has reached the 10k mark! We are very excited for people to see the progress of our project.

Today, I've been making some mock-ups of what I want some of the screens to look like, Obsidian Dawn have some great techy-brushes that I used to create this blueprint style save/load screen. I'm making changes based on artist feedback and it's still very early days but I'm just reiterating the designs until I'm happy with them.