Monday, 4 February 2013

Idol-Eyes UI variation

I've done quite a few dialogue boxes now and I'm really not sure if I'm happy with any of them. I did a mock-up at work but actually prefer it to the one that to the one I spent more time on, I guess you can overdo things. None of it is finished though!

I hate the font, I can't find a font that I like that's not OTT cheesy but has a sci-fi theme. Will have to figure it out later.

As for everything else, it's going pretty well! We have some environment art from Kyra Hills, it's looking really great:

Some environment concepts for some of the scenes, it's got a really great sci-fi atmosphere without being too cheesy and what I like about it, is the fact it's basically how I imagined it; particularly the second crystallised landscape.

We also have some character art, which I'll post if I get permission to do so.



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