Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Idol-Eyes Progress

I've made quite a bit of progress with the game recently, the game now has an inventory system. You can buy items which affect the progress of the story, and an amount of coins is displayed at the top left hand side. I also managed to do something that supposed to be simple, but really wasn't! I wanted the character name box above the dialogue box UI, realised the reason it wasn't working is because the image of the dialogue box took up the whole screen (was a PNG with a transparent background) so that's why I wasn't seeing any changes.

Anyway that's all fixed and the game is starting to look a little better and has some more interesting features. What I want to do next is make a menu which enables you to open the inventory system and look at what items you have in there. At the moment you just kinda have to remember what you've picked, which is fine if the story changes straight away but if you want items to effect the story later on down the line you need to know what you've got. I played 'Magical Diary' and it was awesome, but you could pick choices and forget you've even made them, until you are prompted later on in the story, so I kinda want to make sure you can always remind yourself if you need to.

Another thing is, I'm working with Jennifer Birch whom is a character artist on the project; she's taking care of all the costume design and doing an awesome job. Here's an example:

Don't you just love his galaxy style top? Amazing!

So I'm really lucky to be working with talented artists and a writer. Coming up soon will be a working demo video of the game in it's current form. I'm hoping to get a first chapter complete and up to polish level, which would be a pretty good indicator of how the final game may function.

That's all for now, thanks!


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