Saturday, 2 February 2013

Idol-Eyes Custom UI

The custom UI for Idol-Eyes now works! It's all placeholder art at the moment because I need to include more buttons and options, and resize everything. I tried to do it last week but it was causing me problems so I left it and came back. I separated both the dialogue box and quick menu into separate images, and now they are both clickable image maps that display text and the quick menu will perform the various functions listed in the UI.

Background art is placeholder, but everything else is mine. Writing belongs to Sophie Johnson. I also fixed the padding on the text because it liked to go over the limit.

The next step is adding a tab that has character names in it, easily done the same way I've managed to do this UI. Also, there are various other menus that need customisation such as the options, save and load menus. I now know how to do it though, so I'm going to leave those until I can do a final design and have some more artwork to roll with and take inspiration from.

Pretty pleased though! I also went back and tidyed up some of the Ren'py code because it was a mish mash of random stuff with no comments and I could never remember what I'd done, and also re-scaled the whole project to a suitable size.



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