Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Game Projects: Idol-Eyes

As mentioned, I also have another project on the go which is in a completely different format and direction. I want to practice a variety of different methods of game creation and I have experience with Visual Novel games in the past, so this is a shorter term project that I'm working on with two artists and a writer.

This game is a visual novel game, so will mostly be text and art based, aimed at young girls. 'Idol-Eyes' is the working title for this game, and will aim to create a more sophisticated and engaging story for young female players, as well as a style of art that is appealing but moves away from the traditional Japanese/anime aesthetic of visual novel games.

For this game, I'm using Ren'py and I'm in charge of putting the game together and also GUI art. I have experience in Graphic Design and an interest in GUI, but my main focus for this game will be the design and user experience. I want to add some interesting features to this game that may not be usual for visual novel games, but we'll see how ambitious I can be with this, considering it will be my first commercial project.

I'm excited about this because it's a format I love and know very well. I can't wait to see the story unfold! There is a working demo at the moment with a CG Gallery, custom menu selection with placeholder images and GUI.

This was my initial design but I've changed it since then, will upload the new version soon. And here is the menu screen with a bunch of placeholder images.

Here is a little of the story:

'Amidst the chaotic war between the planet Everdeen and Duslo, a competition sprouts on both sides to give citizens hope. Alicia Dew is one such contestant in the fight for fame and fortune. The winner of the Everdeen Promise Project will become the beauteous symbol of the military and the greatest celebrity in the land, all  whilst boosting morale for the troops and the citizens. Yet the lines between allies and enemies begin to blur when Alicia is kidnapped. Now she has seen both sides of the story, who will she choose?' Created by my good friend Sophie Johnson.

Look forward to working on this in my spare time!


New Game Projects: SunSeeker

Hello everyone!

Let me take this opportunity to say that I will try and update much more regularly from now: particularly because I'm pleased to say I have two new projects on the go at this time.

The first is a co-operative platform game that I am developing alongside people from work; this will be a longer term project. My goals for this project are simple; it's just to design and make a finished game. I posted a little about it in a previous post, but I'm hoping to work on it more soon. I've had a good mess about with Unity and so I'm just trying to get used to that technology, I've found Sketch-Up is really amazing for blocking out basic ideas of levels and seeing what would work in a 3D environment. I'm in the process of developing a 3D world for the game to take place, in Sketch-Up.

This is the second part of an initial level, created in Sketch-Up. It blocks out various corridors you could run through, and places where you could collect puzzle pieces. Here is a little segment from the design doc so that you can get an idea of our concept with this game:

'SunSeeker is a co-operative platform game with a competitive element. SunSeeker aims to achieve a balance between competitive and co-operative gameplay, working together as a team against your enemy. SunSeeker hopes to combine traditional platforming elements with newer styles of gameplay. SunSeeker will include everything you expect from a platform game, with pits, spikes and traps, but with a twist.

The main aim in SunSeeker is to be the first to assemble your puzzle. In SunSeeker, you play as Soul Golems, trapped in an abandoned temple. The Soul Golems are using the last remaining ounce of their life spirit to piece together an ancient relic to please the God of the Sun, in an attempt to be taken up to the heavens. If they fail, their spirit and remaining life will be stuck forever deep inside the temple with no hope of ever escaping.

The puzzle pieces, in the form of a relic, are scattered around the temple grounds. With varying puzzle weights, you will have to decide whether to pair up to transport the heaviest pieces first, or to go it alone with the lighter and smaller pieces. It’s all about speed and strategy, heavier pieces can be dropped on switches to open new pathways, but smaller pieces allow you to be more agile and more easily avoid traps. You can hinder your enemy team by releasing traps, locking doors behind you, and reaching the top of the pyramid before your opponent. The first team to assemble their ancient relic at the very top of the pyramid will please the Sun God and you will be transported to victory!'

At this stage, SunSeeker is just a working title; and it's a collaborative project. These game ideas have come through discussion with other members of the team until the idea became more solid.

Here is the imported level in Unity, with Denes' character and code.

I've also been doing some really basic modelling to get me back into the swing of things, so I did an urn with a jewel type design on the front.

Nothing amazing, but I do enjoy 3D modelling now and then when I have the time. These were done in Maya as a quick excersise.

So, I'm pretty excited about this project. It's slowed down over the past couple of weeks because we've all been busy, but hopefully it'll pick up pace once some more ideas have been put together.